About Us


Athena’s mission is to prevent crime through artificial intelligence.

Our smart security camera and alarm system uses human-computer vision to see and understand threats. When a mugger pulls out a knife, when a kidnapper tries to force a child into a car, when a gunman tries to take a life, Athena can see the threat before it becomes a crime. Other security cameras can document crimes after they happen. Only Athena’s next-generation camera can stop crime in its tracks.

Imagine walking down the street, keeping yourself safe by watching the traffic ahead and stopping at the curb. That’s when the person behind you pulls out a knife. You were watching traffic – you never even noticed that someone was behind you, much less that you were in danger. But what if Athena was there? You might not face that harrowing voice demanding your wallet. Athena would tell your attacker the knife was spotted, and police are already on their way.

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REACTIVE, NOT PROACTIVE: Current security camera and alarm systems solutions react to threats and document incidents for analysis after a crime‘s already been committed. They do not engage criminals in real time and prevent crimes from escalating further.

PRONE TO FALSE ALARMS: Current alarm systems are highly susceptible to false alarms, which divert police resources from true emergencies and cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

RELIANT ON HUMAN INTERVENTION: The best security solutions today require expensive 24/7 monitoring from humans. If a security guard steps away to get coffee at the wrong moment, a security system can be rendered completely useless.

A 2007 Department of Justice  report found that between 94 and 98 percent of alarm calls are false.


PROACTIVE AND PREVENTATIVE: Athena prevents crimes by recognizing threatening actions and stopping criminals with a virtual police presence before a criminal‘s actions can escalate any further. Athena cameras can spot guns before a shot’s ever fired, automatically call the police, and notify the shooter that the police have been called.

SMART ALARM: Once Athena detects a threat, its sends critical information in real time to a monitoring service. The monitoring service validates the threat and only involves the police when needed. With Athena, there are no more false alarms.

POWERED BY A.I.: Athena‘s A.I. powered technology analyzes multiple data points in order to detect crimes faster and more accurately than systems that rely on humans. Athena‘s system can recognize a criminal brandishing a gun at a store clerk, analyze the store clerk‘s stress levels, and respond to the situation immediately.