Athena’s mission is to help prevent crime through artificial intelligence.

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Artificial Intelligence

Smart Camera System

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Proactive security that helps stop crime before it happens


The Athena Advantage

In today’s increasingly uncertain security climate, security cameras are becoming increasingly common everywhere from homes to businesses, from schools to stadiums.

One of the biggest headwinds to cameras is the need for skilled labor to monitor the feeds. A guard stepping away to get coffee at the wrong moment can render a security system useless.

Athena Security System’s technology makes this monitoring automatic and more accurate. It also prevents the crime in real time so human error or slowness to understand whats going on is not a factor.


Understanding the true cost crime imposes on a community is a daunting task. It includes everything from direct costs like property damage and the cost of policing to indirect costs like productivity and wage costs of employees who leave early to avoid walking through a parking lot after dark.

No matter how the cost of crime is measured, one thing is clear: investments in security and crime-prevention are worth it.


Athena’s mission is to prevent crime through artificial intelligence.

The smart security camera and alarm system uses human-computer vision to see and understand threats. When a mugger pulls out a knife, when a kidnapper tries to force a child into a car, when a gunman tries to take a life, Athena can see the threat before it becomes a crime.

Other security cameras can document crimes after they happen. Only Athena’s next-generation camera can stop crime in its tracks.

How It Works

When a mugger pulls out a knife, when a kidnapper tries to force a child into a car, when a gunman tries to take a life, Athena can see the threat before it becomes a crime

Athena’s camera recognizes dangerous motion – ie a gun being pulled out, hands in the air, someone being punched.

Athena “can” proactively speak to the criminal telling them the cops have been called and that the person has been identified, thus scaring off the criminal.

The cops are called and the crime has been identified in the exact location so the cops know where to go, and the criminal leaves before the crime is committed.

Athena also acts as a smart alarm system and can only call the police when necessary.

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Who can use Athena
Athena is for everyone who wants to stay safe. Secure your office, or entire town by making sure crime is seen, and stopped.
My neighbors would always call the police if they saw a crime. How can Athena help me?
Athena doesn’t just alert the police of a crime, it confronts the criminal. A call to 911 doesn’t make your attacker realizes the crime is being filmed and police are on the way.
I have security cameras already, but they disconnect from WiFi so often they don't help. Why is Athena any different?
Athena is the next generation of security camera. Traditional cameras store footage in the cloud, which only keeps you safe if someone is monitoring your cameras 24/7. Athena is a 24/7 security camera that works in your neighborhood, not in the cloud. The human-computer vision built into every Athena Smart Security Camera can see and identify crime, no internet needed.
How is this better than a burgaler alarm?
Every year, taxpayers spend millions of dollars in police resources on false alarm calls; and the ratio of false to true alarms is so high that police have stopped prioritizing those responses. Effective alarms today require 24/7 monitoring centers just to be taken seriously by local law enforcement, and the monitoring is subject to human error. Athena is a true security system that local police stop crimes, instead of distracting them from it.

Athena Security Camera System