Athena's Gun Detection helps protect your loved ones

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Our sophisticated AI technology connects directly to your current security camera system to deliver fast, accurate threat detection – including guns, knives, and aggressive action. Our system can also alert you to falls, accidents, and unwelcome visitors.

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A Complete Threat Detection Platform Built to Help Prevent Crime in Real Time

Our sophisticated technology connects to your current security camera to proactively detect and help prevent crimes before they happen.

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How it Works


Deployed Athena

Once deployed, Athena is always watching over you and helping to detect threats. Athena recognizes dangerous motion in real time. Our platform will be able to identify objects and/or motion that are commonly used to commit a crime.


Threat Detected

Once a threat is detected, Athena sends a real-time video feed to your security staff, administrator or whoever you designate. At the same time, Athena is alerting the criminal that they have been identified and the authorities have been called.


Configurate Athena

If configured to do so, Athena will then call the cops and send them a video feed (through the e911 lines) and other pertinent information they need to help prevent the crime from happening.


Watch Guard

Athena acts as your virtual WatchGuard, watching many cameras at once and alerting the appropriate parties when a crime is about to be committed.

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