Athena's Elevated Temperature Detection helps protect your loved ones

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Elevated Skin Temperature Detection for help with finding fevers is being used in the search for symptoms of COVID19 and is now part of our platform along with our gun detection system. We provide the whole solution hardware and software to accurately detect people with high temperatures moving through your entryway, doorways, or choke points. We use our computer vision and enterprise alert system to focus on the inner eye which is the closest point to your base body temperature and can detect within .+- 0.2°C Accuracy with over 1000 points of the face of temperature readings. That alert can be sent to your mobile phone, VMS, Security Platform, and/or our cloud website. It is fast, frictionless, contactless, and very accurate.

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Elevated Temperature Detection

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A Complete Temperature Threat Detection Platform Built to Help Stop Viruses from Spreading

Our enterprise temperature detection technology connects to your systems to help administrate high temperatures alerts that may be fever on our platform.

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How it Works


Deploy Temperature Detection

Athena offers an enterprise Temperature Detection turnkey solution that is preconfigured and ready to go. Athena's temperature detection is always watching for an elevated temperature that could be a fever. This is helping to detect people that may have a virus in your establishment.


Elevated Temperature Detected

Once an elevated temperature is detected, Athena sends a real-time video feed to your security staff, administrator or whomever you designate. At the same time, it can be sent to your VMS or other enterprise security platform.


Configure Athena

The Athena's Elevated Temperature system for detecting fevers is easy to setup and it is plug and play.


Automated Temperature Detection Alerts

Athena's Elevated Temperature detection for help detecting fevers does not need to be manned and our computer vision proactively alerts the right people of your choice.

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