Modernizing the security world by
detecting threats proactively

Athena is on a mission to help make the world a safer place. Our next generation platform can stop crime in its tracks. We imagine a world where you can walk down the street and know that Athena’s technology is keeping you safe from the many crimes being committed these days.


The Problem

A 2007 Department of Justice report found that between 94 and 98 percent of alarm calls are false

Reactive, not proactive

Current security camera and alarm systems
solutions react to threats and document
incidents for analysis after a crime‘s already
been committed. They do not engage
criminals in real time and prevent crimes
from escalating further.

Prone to False Alarms

Current alarm systems are highly
susceptible to false alarms, which
divert police resources from true
emergencies and cost taxpayers
billions of dollars.

Reliant on Human Intervention

The best security solutions today require
expensive 24/7 monitoring from humans.
If a security guard steps away to get
coffee at the wrong moment, a security
system can be rendered completely

The Solution

Proactive and Preventative

Athena helps prevent crimes by recognizing threatening actions and then taking the appropriate steps to alert the right parties before a criminal’s actions can escalate. Our proactive solution detects a weapon, automatically alerts, and notifies the shooter that they have been spotted and authorties are on the way.

Smart Technology

Once Athena detects a threat, it sends critical information and video feeds based on workflows that you set. Athena also employs tenured security officials in our state-of-the-art monitoring center that can also make quick decisions based on your instructions. With Athena, you can say goodbye to false alarms.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Athena’s A.I. powered technology analyzes multiple data points in real time to help detect crimes faster and more accurately than legacy systems that only rely on humans. Athena works to be an extension of your security program and help prevent crimes from happening.

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