Who we are:

Athena’s mission is to use AI to help prevent crime
and provide critical insight into the events observed

Modernizing the security world

by detecting threats proactively

Athena is on a mission to help make the world a safer place. Our machine vision surveillance platform can stop crime in its tracks. We imagine a world where you can walk down the street and know that Athena’s technology is keeping you safe.

Learning from observations

through next generation video analytics

Valuable insight can be gained from the events recorded by surveillance cameras. Athena’s object detection technology captures analytical data at a depth that was previously unavailable.

The Problem

The proliferation of surveillance cameras has created a flood of video data that can not be effectively used to prevent threats, mitigate them when they happen or gain valuable insight for critical decisions.

Reactive, not Proactive

Current security surveillance camera and alarm systems solutions react to threats and document incidents for analysis after a crime‘s already been committed. They do not enable responders to engage criminals in real time and prevent crimes from escalating further.

Reliant on Human

The best surveillance security solutions today require expensive 24/7 monitoring from humans. If a security operator steps away to get coffee at the wrong moment, a security system can be rendered completely useless.

Video Data

Current surveillance video management stores data for short time periods making it of limited use for analytical purposes

The Solution

Proactive and Preventative

Athena helps prevent crimes by recognizing threatening actions and then taking the appropriate steps to alert the right parties before threats can escalate. Our proactive solution detects and automatically alerts first responders with critical information needed to make informed decisions.

Smart Technology

Once Athena detects a threat, it sends critical information and video feeds based on workflows that you set. Athena also employs security operators in our state-of-the-art monitoring center that can also make quick decisions based on your instructions.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Athena’s A.I. powered technology analyzes multiple data points in real time to help detect threats and capture valuable insight into activities observed by surveillance cameras. Our video analytics provide the next level of machine vision insight supporting more informed decisions.

Socially Responsible

While Athena Security’s A.I. technology provides a never before ability to mitigate crimes with computer vision, also important is to be socially responsibility with such a new technology that could be linked to racial, ethnic and religious profiling. Athena has proactively taken the necessary steps to eliminate profiling of any sort by masking and blurring out all subject faces in the system before artificial intelligence analyzes any and all video for potential threats. While this happens instantaneously, the end result is that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is tracked or distributed by Athena Security or its customers

Athena Dashboard

Athena’s dashboard displays alerts and analytics data all in one place. Views are easily configurable to meet customer needs for critical information

  • Threat Detection
  • Footfall Demographics
  • Heat Map
  • Banned/VIP Individuals

10 Minutes Ago

North Hall Has Detected The Gun

15 Minutes Ago

South Hall Has Detected The Gun

20 Minutes Ago

East Hall Has Detected The Gun

Athena Mobile App

Athena’s mobile app displays alerts and analytics data on mobile devices putting timely critical information in the hands of responders or decision makers wherever they are.

  • Threat Detection
  • Footfall Demographics
  • Heat Map
  • Banned/VIP Individuals