Who We Are

Athena's mission is to leverage innovative technology
to secure your space and help save lives.

“We want to help businesses secure their entryways from threats - whether it's a gun or a virus.”

- Chris Ciabarra Co-founder, CTO

Modernizing the Security World

By Detecting Threats Proactively

Athena is on a mission to help make the world a safer place. Our security platform for guns and elevated temperatures can help detect a threat before it happens.

Learning From Observations

Through Next Generation Video Analytics

Visual and thermal can be gained from the events recorded by cameras. Athena’s object detection technology captures analytical data at a depth that was previously unavailable.

Socially Responsible

While Athena Security's technology provides a never before ability to mitigate threats with computer vision, it's also important to be socially responsible with such new technology that could be linked to racial, ethnic, and religious profiling. Athena has proactively taken the necessary steps to eliminate profiling of any sort by masking and blurring out all subject faces in the system before the technology analyzes any and all video for potential threats. While this happens instantaneously, the end result is that no Personally Identifiable Information (PII) is tracked or distributed by Athena Security or its customers.

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