After I sign the Sales Agreement, and pay, then what? What does installation look like? What’s needed and what timeline?

Thursday, January 16th, 2020

We will send you a Post-Sales Survey, and you send back these answers:
1. RTSP URL, Camera Name, Camera Location for each camera.

2. IP Address, static, that we can give the server.
If 1,000 cameras or more, Athena offers a local only version:
2.1. Change firewall rules, so that we can inbound to 443 (if local).
Then, everyone should get a diagnostic box first so we can access the network.

3. Ship Diagnostic Box.
3.1. Verify Camera Settings, Resolution, Frames/second, Access, and Prior Survey Information.

4. Ship pre-configured GPU-based hardware, which gets plugged in when you receive it and the system sets itself up.

Can complete in 4 weeks. We usually say 4-6 in case it takes time for the end user to give Athena required information listed above.