Timing In The Stoneman Douglas Shooting

Friday January 11, 2019

In the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting where 17 innocent teenagers were killed and another 17 were injured in one of the deadliest school massacres of all times. Nikolas Cruz came into Stoneman Douglas High School with an AR-15 style semi-automatic rifle and started shooting at 2:21 pm. Nikolas shot for 6 minutes straight, he then walked to Walmart, purchased a soda at a restaurant, and then hung out at McDonald’s before leaving there at 3:01. Then he was stopped by the police at 3:40 – 2 miles away from school. Thank God, Nikolas did not have more ammunition and kept going and killing lives after the 6 minutes of consistent shooting at the high school. It took the police 1 hour and 20 minutes to find him and Cruz was definitely not trying to hide.

Stoneman Douglas high school had a sheriff deputy on staff to protect the students. The security officer in the school went to a different building and was confused where the shooter was actually shooting – rendering his services useless to help keep the students safe. The police did not come into the building until 4 minutes after Cruz had left the school… 9 minutes after the incident happened. The surveillance footage had delay had the officers believed Cruz was still in the building. There have been three investigations into the timeline of the slower police response and to why that happened.

Police response to victims in these shootings is critical not only to stop the shooter but to help the victims. If they had Athena Security Cameras in place they might of been able to stop this whole incident. The faster you get the bleeding under control after a person has been shot the better for the patient and you have the opportunity to save their lives. “It’s disgraceful they didn’t get in there faster. It seems to me that if first responders had gotten in there more quickly, some of these people may not have bled to death. Lives might have been saved. The police didn’t get there until about 11 minutes after shooting and according to police reports people were still breathing” said Michael Udine, a Broward County commissioner. Victems in other rooms took the police up to 16 minutes to find them after they were shot.