Athena’s mission is to prevent crime through artificial intelligence.

The smart security camera and alarm system uses human-computer vision to see and understand threats. When a mugger pulls out a knife, when a kidnapper tries to force a child into a car, when a gunman tries to take a life, Athena can see the threat before it becomes a crime.

Other security cameras can document crimes after they happen. Only Athena’s next-generation camera can stop crime in its tracks.

The Athena Advantage

PROACTIVE: Athena’s camera and alarm system is the only system on the market that is proactive in preventing crime. Athena recognizes motions such as hands in the air, when a gun is pulled out and proactively stops the crime before it happens, while also recording the crime like other systems.

24/7: Online but still works offline: Athena’s technology is cloud based but still works when the wireless is out. It will still record the data and send the footage to the servers when the system reaches wireless again.

EASE OF MIND: You don’t have to watch your app to catch something – Athena proactively reaches out to you with motions that might be dangerous.

An alarm system that actually alarms when there is a real danger: Most alarm systems today, when they go on and aren’t turned off the police rarely come because of how many “false alarms” they are. So typical alarm systems do not provide much security. With Athena, we can point one of our camera’s and if someone suspicious is breaking in the system can alert you or if it is someone you know you can de-activate the alarm and let the person in your house.