Gun Detection

AI driven surveillance technology easily detects handguns
and long guns in real time to protect your employees
or students before an active shooter situation is initiated.

Other security cameras document crimes for reviewing after the fact.
Athena configured cameras help prevent crimes before they happen.

In our increasingly uncertain security climate, surveillance cameras are becoming more and more common in businesses, schools, homes, and stadiums. One of the biggest headwinds to cameras is the need for skilled labor to monitor the feeds. A guard stepping away to get coffee at the wrong moment can render a security system useless. Get Athena today to help stop an active shooter situation.

No matter how the cost of crime is measured, one thing is clear:

Investments in Security and Crime-prevention are worth it.

Only Athena’s Gun Detection system
can help stop crime in its tracks
Athena helps schools, corporations, retail organizations, industrial companies and other industries put workplace safety measures in place to help prevent threats and make their environments more secure and safe.

How it Works


Deploy Athena

Once deployed, Athena is always protecting you, helping to detect gun threats in your environment. Our system recognizes over 300 firearms in real time, and can even detect motions that are commonly used to commit a crime.


Threat Detected

Once a gun is detected, Athena will send a real-time video feed to your security staff, police, administrator or whomever you designate. At the same time, Athena alerts the criminal that they have been identified and the authorities have been called.


Configuration of Athena

If configured to do so, Athena will then call the police and send them a video feed (through the e911 lines) and other pertinent information they need to help prevent the crime from happening.


Watch Guard

Athena acts as your virtual WatchGuard, watching many cameras at once and alerting the appropriate parties when a crime is about to be committed.