Athena Gun Detection uses object detection to examine frames coming through your surveillance video feed, needs multiple frames to increase accuracy, takes the machine under 3 seconds, standard IP based cameras where the object is 100 pixel in size, the weapon is drawn, and visible to camera 140 lux or more.

– Athena is security software that works with almost any off-the-shelf hardware.
– To get the AI features you have to buy the recommended NVIDIA hardware

– We can act as a DVR / NVR system, or work with existing DVR / NVR.
– We plug in an AI box which acts as a NVR in your network and that box talks to all your cameras on the network.

Stand alone digital device (A DVR with a network connection is an NVR unit) When people say Analog that means DVR (old school). We can integrate with some DVRs as long as they have Internet connection on the back of the DVR box

Has a network connection (AI box plugs into your NVR)

– There is a little bit of configuration. We need an IP address that can reach the internet that IP address must allow outbound traffic on ports 443, 80, 1935, 22, 53.
– You provide us with an IP address that allows outbound traffic, and a list of all camera names, IP addresses, RTSP. Our installers will do the rest

Contact us today and we will provide you all necessary information

– We can configure, at client request, but don’t require it.
– If you want Athena to work directly with police, we transmit confirmed crimes using E911. This gives the police access to the live video feed during the incident, and crime report.

– We are 99% accurate over a 3 second clip
– We can alert you or your security guard when there is an incident, if you want to verify it before taking next steps

– Contact our sales representative to get a quote

– Any IP camera
– Has to be at least 720 p (pixel resolution)

~$400 – 1000 per camera for hardware for the AI depending on how many features client wants to run. $400/camera 1x cost for just gun detection feature.


MySQL and Postgres

Your RTSP Stream

As low as 4 frames per second and as high as 30

Up to 100

GPU processing chip

A: 2 x Zeon gold processors which gives you 64 threads,
6 x T4s Nvidia GPU cards,
256 GB RAM Memory,
2 x 480GB SSD for O/S,
12 x 12TB drives for 144TB raw,
2 x 1600w PS,
10GB, and 5 year warranty

At least 720P

443/80/1935/22 Outbound ports need to be open.


Knives detection, fights detection, slip and falls, VIP detection

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