Please look at our knowledge base for more FAQ’s and infomation about Athena Gun Detection


The system sends an Alert if a knife is detected in-hand. This brandished knife must be 6” or more in length to trigger a detection. 

Athena is a software company. 

Object and behavior detection software runs most efficiently on certain hardware appliance, which is a GPU-based hardware appliance. We provide specifications for your hardware purchase based on the models needed, number of camera feeds that need to be analysed per model, and resolution.


Athena is neither a DVR nor NVR system. We do have some functions that are similar, like the ability to record important video clips that are worth archiving, and provide this video for playback. But this is the only similarity. We can possibly pull video feeds directly from the DVR or NVR hardware.

We are compatible with most DVR’s. Digital Video Recorders with a network connection are considered Network Video Recorders. If your DVR has a network connection, then we can probably integrate our system.

The Athena A.I. hardware appliance can plug into the same sub-net with the NVR to access the camera streams.

Standard installation takes up to 4 weeks after the payment is received. Our implementation team will send a survey at the time of sale to collect the proper information. We ship pre-configured hardware and directions on how to plug it into an open port on the switch.

Police communication is a configurable option.

This option is available to our clients, but is not mandatory. When clients choose to configure the system to contact police directly, the Athena System needs an outbound internet connection, and then transmits only confirmed incidents using E911 and dispatch must be able to receive E911. 

First Responders will receive a picture of the suspect(s). The system allows them to know the number of suspects, their location, and have a look at the weapon(s).

The false positive rate is less than 1%. Athena Gun Detection system works in a comparable way to a human who is reviewing video footage and would need to see a clear picture of the gun. Please see our advertised capabilities. We have the lowest rate of false positives in the industry.

Computer Vision is an area of computer science that enables a computer to extract information from an image. 

Athena Gun Detection artificial intelligence has “learned” what the outline of a gun looks like from lots of angles and distances, and how it is used by a human. Our system is capable to examine frames coming through surveillance video feeds, analyzing both objects and behavior. The system needs multiple frames to  increase accuracy and improve the results. Athena processes multiple frames in under a few seconds, and activates an alarm when the model detects the threat. 


Please contact us with the number of cameras you have, and your use-case. 


For 1-10 streams, the costs are about $10,000 for the GPU-based hardware appliance. For 50 streams, the cost is about $500/stream, or $26,000. If you run multiple features, we will advise on how much computing power you need. These costs are from a certified vendor that has built a more beefy box to handle the 24/7 nature of heavy GPU-use, with more generous service terms to support long-term deployments at scale. The less expensive vendors that we originally used, like CyberPower, have had a 40%+ hardware failure rate in the first year, and service has been poor.

Athena runs on Linux but can easily integrate with your existing system.

MySQL and Postgres.

As low as 4 frames per second and as high as 30.

No, it’s not recommended unless your organization has a unique strategic need and the budget to support that long-term purchase. Building and maintaining your own hardware will be more expensive in the long term, unless you already have Linux programmers maintaining GPU-based hardware at scale. If this is the case, then yes, and we require you to build your system, load prerequisite software, and ship it to our Austin lab for certification where we will test it for three months. 

You can build your own GPU-based hardware to the required specifications, and it still may have problems because you will also need to install the correct operating system and drivers, which will require knowledge of Linux command line. You will also take responsibility for maintaining the hardware, operating system and drivers for the life of the hardware and system. For 99% of organizations, it’s less expensive to use the “Athena certified” hardware vendors, which come with warranty, extended warranty for purchase, and service contracts.

Yes, you can buy any IP-based camera that can send an RTSP stream. 

No, you cannot buy any GPU based hardware —‌ you must buy the specific SKU with specific operating system, Nvidia cards, and driver software. 

You need IP based cameras that are hooked together with a switch that connects all of them, with a stable internal network and connection to the outside world. If you are buying new cameras, we recommend getting 1080 p or better, even though we can work with 720. When you buy our software licensing, you will also need to buy the hardware that we recommend. You can buy this hardware from us or an authorized dealer that sells “Athena Certified” security GPU-based appliances. 

We are camera agnostic, and work with 99% of IP based cameras in the market.

We recommend at least 720 pixel resolution.

Schlage. And any other access control that has an API. Please introduce us to your access control sales rep for us to verify.

Knifes, fights, slip and falls.

Under optimal conditions, the accuracy rate of our system is more than 99% three seconds after the gun is in sight and within the rated distance to a surveillance camera. With the rest less than 1% being false positives. Athena Gun Detection system works in a comparable way to a human reviewing video footage, and would need to see a clear picture of the gun. Please see our advertised capabilities.

Your RTSP Stream URL, camera name, and password.

Up to 50.

GPU-based processing hardware which is specially designed to handle heat and high GPU utilization. See “Hardware specifications” and “Can I build my own GPU-based hardware?”

2 x Zeon gold processors which gives you 64 threads, 

6 x T4s Nvidia GPU cards,

256 GB RAM Memory,

2 x 480GB SSD for O/S,

12 x 12TB drives for 144TB raw,

2 x 1600w PS,

10GB, and

5 year warranty

We will send you a Post-Sales Survey, and you send back these answers:
1. RTSP URL, Camera Name, Camera Location for each camera.

2. IP Address, static, that we can give the server.
If 1,000 cameras or more, Athena offers a local only version:
2.1. Change firewall rules, so that we can inbound to 443 (if local).
Then, everyone should get a diagnostic box first so we can access the network.

3. Ship Diagnostic Box.
3.1. Verify Camera Settings, Resolution, Frames/second, Access, and Prior Survey Information.

4. Ship pre-configured GPU-based hardware, which gets plugged in when you receive it and the system sets itself up.

Can complete in 4 weeks. We usually say 4-6 in case it takes time for the end user to give Athena required information listed above.

At least 720P.


443/80/1935/22 Outbound ports need to be open.

In this setting, as well as in most places in open carry states, when the system sees a gun in hand, “BRANDISHED Firearm” setting is on. When this mode is on the system sends an alert anytime a weapon is seen in hands, no matter who it is. The idea is that the system gives risk information, and IF there is a gun in the hands of SRO or anyone (with good intentions or bad), it’s a risk (to have a gun in hand), indication of potential incident, and security should know about it.

Apply, get interviewed, sign mutual NDA, provide references, and self-study.

Upfront commission structure on Software as a service.

Please sign up here: https://athena-security.com/faq/reseller-sign-up-page 


Athena’s Value Added Reseller Program


An ideal partner for us will be the one able to add value during each stage of the business process and  end-user support: pre-sales, contract closure, implementation, customer support and resale.


Each Athena’s partner gets a commission, which is a percentage of the revenue from each client, during the whole period of a customer lifetime. 


We are looking for long term partners with similar philosophy and desire to work closely with end-users, helping them to make their facilities safer with our world class security solutions. 


Value-add resellers (VARs) typically have strong current relationships with physical security system decision makers, and may also represent complementary product lines such as cameras and VMS’s. 


  • Ability for VAR to Demonstrate is Expected


Athena will help with initial demonstrations and assist with major accounts and strategic sales.


In order to conduct demonstrations, VAR agrees to procure a system with NVIDIA GPU, cabling, replica gun prop (if legal), camera stand and camera, which meet technical specifications.


$15,400 covers a Demonstration Unit with GPU hardware, detection software, camera, camera stand and cabling. 


Besides that, we are sending VARs the Self-Study training materials and directly assisting them with the first several prospective sales opportunities through installation, so that they (VARs) can also learn by doing.


Post-Sale through Go-Live


Athena provides technical expertise for implementing the solution, licensing for the service, and the appropriate documentation and support. VAR sets expectations with end-user in line with capabilities. 


VAR or End-user both can submit customer support tickets.


Athena provides an on-boarding team and works directly with counterparts at end-user organization.


Athena handles remote support.  


VAR is expected to be an “on the ground” point person, when needed for on-boarding and support. 


VAR is responsible for physical presence on-site with end user during pre-sale process, and through sales agreement contract signature.

We are working on light changing during the day. Currently the system only works with constant light for best accuracy. Will keep you posted on when we resolve this issue 100%. The way we have resolved this issue so far is not a public matter, so do not put it in writing, only over the phone is ok. 

A building can be locked down within seconds. It depends on the size of the network but normally it takes up to 3 seconds to lock down all doors.

The system is looking for acceleration of fists and bodies towards each other, which will trigger the alert. We can turn the sensitivity of how aggressive these actions need to be up or down.

We can configure notifications that will best suit your Standard Operating Procedure, whether it goes directly to your smartphone, calls the police or first responders, performs a lockdown or all of them.

Yes, we keep adding more, as long as there is an API that can always listen for the system Alert.

 Over 900 guns including long guns, handguns, even 3D printed ones.

Our computer vision algorithm is a trained neural network that refines the characteristics of a gun and filters through layers of each frame in order to create a distinction of whether it’s a gun or not. Think of it like straining pasta or panning for gold.

Yes, please reach out to us and we will send over the requested information.

Yes. Possible. The Drone needs to be able to fulfill our requirements.

We need a stable internet connection of 20 mbps.

We enter latitude and longitude manually.

Yes, we know if the camera is working and will notify the customer if the cameras are not functioning properly.

We have a global vendor list, just ask and we will inform you if there is a vendor near you.

Yes. We have over 60 different detections and talented computer scientists who can train our neural networks to detect as needed.

24/7 email support.

No. It does have to be from an authorized vendor or you need to send us a unit so that we can test.


We are certifying additional vendors as hardware samples for testing, service level agreements, and warranty support are submitted.

4-6 weeks.

10 or more.

We recommend a specific high resolution, high sensitivity FLIR camera model: FC-644-ID. Axis just send their comparable to our camera lab for testing, and we will update, after we test and verify.

Yes, we can update automatically or manually, depending on clients needs.

Yes, we have detected a live incitement so far.

We have to have some Internet connection.

We are able to detect if the weapon is holstered or drawn. It will send an alert if the weapon is drawn.

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