“Athena is the only company in the
market to provide a dual gun and
temperature detection system.”

“We want to help businesses secure their entryways from threats - whether it's a gun or a virus.”

- Chris Ciabarra Co-founder, CTO

What’s Included in a Dual Temperature and Gun Detection System

Dual Gun and
Temperature Detection

Athena’s Dual Gun and Temperature Detection System functions similarly to our Concealed Gun Detection System - it utilizes the same hardware and includes the software for our Temperature Detection System. The system utilizes two (2) 384pixel thermal cameras so one can be in front of the subject and behind the subject, in order to see if there’s a concealed weapon on the front or back of their body. The front thermal camera also then measures body temperature to detect if there’s an elevated temperature. We still utilize an iPad for the visual camera and computer, as well as an HSRP to maintain accuracy in ambient temperature.

Athena System
Two 384p Single Lens Cameras
iPad Pro as Computer and
Visual Camera

Software Features


Athena’s Dual Gun and Temperature Detection System Can:

  • Send alerts from different cameras to a VMS system
  • Send alerts to a user that has control over multiple cameras
  • Send alerts from all cameras to one user
  • Create a group of users to send alerts
  • Add a camera to the management system
  • Use an Android App to receive alert notifications
  • Integrate into a third party API
  • Be deployed three ways: standalone, cloud, and on-prem
  • Auto-configure to read the blackbody in order to avoid manual calibration – touchless configuration
  • Use enterprise management alerts that can assign different cameras to different users, and one user can see all the alerts
  • Be configured from the cloud
  • Be configured to HIPPA-compliant settings
  • Be used as a SAAS (software as a service)
  • Upgrade and update automatically
  • Detect both elevated body temperature AND concealed weapons

Industries We Serve

Local/State/Federal Government
Convention Centers